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Oracle Certified Professional, Zend Certified PHP Engineer



  1. Real Estate Webmasters

    Enterprise Programmer

    • Founding member of the enterprise software team, responsible for creating specialized applications for our biggest customers
    • Designing, analyzing and optimizing PHP/JavaScript code and relational database queries in the most efficient/sensible manner to achieve project goals and reduce server costs by decreasing the hardware requirements
    • Implementing code review and application log management procedures in order to reduce the number of bugs going into production and the time it takes to identify issues
    • Implementing new features such as an application build procedure which resolves several issues caused by deferred asset generation
    • Developing reusable intelligent code that can be automatically plugged into any of our 400+ data feeds to perform various data manipulations and sanity checks, thus decreasing the time required for maintenance (especially when a new feature needs to be implemented globally) exponentially
    • Reviewing code, recognizing and educating on unsafe, insecure, and inefficient coding practices
    • Refactoring old code in order to make it easier to extend and build automated test suites for
  2. Real Estate Webmasters

    Data Feed Analyst

    • Bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements on multiple codebases
    • Building code according to project specifications
    • Developing and maintaining tools to make various tasks more streamlined and efficient
    • Designing, analyzing and optimizing PHP code and relational MySQL database queries
    • Maintaining data feeds in multiple formats and setting up new feeds
    • Cleaning poorly structured data, sanitizing corrupt XML/CSV programatically


Education and Certifications

  1. Zend,

    Building Security into your PHP Applications

    • covers many security attack vectors as well as best practices for programming and configuration.
  2. Oracle,

    Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.6 Developer

    • validates knowledge of skills, tools, and issues involved in writing applications with the MySQL database server.
  3. Zend,

    Zend Certified PHP Engineer (ZEND028204)

    • tests knowledge of a wide variety of skills necessary for developing PHP (5.5) web applications

    PHP 7 Jump Start - Online Training Course

    • covers new features and breaking changes between PHP 5 and PHP 7
  4. BCIT, -

    Web Technologies Associate Certificate

    • thoroughly covers both technical and design elements of standards-compliant Web Design
    • includes technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Quicktime Pro
    • completed with distinction